Stephi Williams Named as National Director of the Miss Arnold Teen Fitness Pageant

Stephi Williams has been named the new National Director of the Miss Arnold Teen Fitness Pageant. The Miss Arnold Teen Fitness Pageant is an official competition hosted by the Arnold Sports Festival and is now entering its third year.

For as long as she can remember, Crown Garland owner Stephi Williams has had a huge passion for pageantry and for giving women who want to give back to their communities and have real purpose in their lives a platform. As a result, she began taking classes on Non-profit Management and Creation in her efforts to earn her Doctorate in Business. This is where she really got the feeling that she had a passion for continuing her giving and assistance in empowering others. A seasoned pageant professional, Williams directed pageants for more than 12 years before expanding her production company, Crown Garland, to a national level as the license holder for the Miss United States.

Carl Dunn, CEO of Pageantry Magazine – long considered the leading publication of the pageant and modeling industry – adds his support of the transition. “As founding members of the Glamour Lifestyle Industry in 1962, we have been privileged to witness the explosive growth of our industry which many regard as the “sport” of women, promoting a healthy and fit lifestyle, sportsmanship, personal growth, and community service,” said Dunn. “It’s been my honor and pleasure to work with the Miss Teen Arnold Fitness Pageant since its inception and help brand the name as a must-attend event. I wish to congratulate Stephi Williams on her new directorship of the Miss Arnold Teen Fitness Pageant and in joining a wonderful team. Having worked with Mrs. Williams in her endeavors of rebranding the Miss United States Organization while taking the brand to new heights of success and recognition, I am confident that through her knowledgeable and committed team, the Miss Arnold Teen Fitness Pageant will enjoy continued growth and international recognition.”

Along with her staff, Williams is excited to help grow the Miss Arnold Teen Fitness Pageant and advance its mission to provide youth across the country with opportunities for promoting a healthy lifestyle.  “This is an amazing accomplishment for pageantry which I’ve always said is a sport. For the Arnold Sports Festival to recognize the value in hosting a pageant competition is a true testament to the validity of our industry and our sport as their event hosts 18,000 athletes annually in 75 different sporting events. We at Crown Garland are proud to join the Arnold Sports Festival team and Mr. Schwarzenegger in growing this competition and advancing their mission across the country.”

About the Miss Arnold Teen Fitness Pageant

As part of their mission to engage youth of all ages and genders, the Miss Arnold Teen Fitness Pageant was added to the competitive lineup of the Arnold Sports Festival in March 2016 at the annual event in Columbus, Ohio.  The Arnold Sports Festival believes in emphasing youth engagement in sporting events and fosters a culture where developing the next generation of competitors is at the forefront of many of the activities that occur over the week. The Miss Arnold Teen Fitness Pageant competitors compete in multiple aspects of performance throughout the competition, including a fitness-related talent, private interview, on-stage question, evening gown, and athletic wear competition for the chance to represent the pageant and festival. To learn more about the pageant, please visit our website